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When you find yourself in a rut, it's sometimes hard to keep going. We try to sooth ourselves with things that mankind made. Looking for the God given miracles, as nature being one of these elements, I found myself returning to the things that made the world a heaven on earth.

When my basic needs are found in Gods creations, it makes me grounded and whole again. When I find myself lost, I remember the gifts that has been sent upon us. Remembering that not every gift is a blessing, but every hardship is a gift in disguise. Remembering that the good things taken from us, are not the things we should consider a punishment.

Because when we love the sun so much that we want it to keep on shining, as bright as we like it to be, wishing for less rainy days, we forget that even when the sun shines that bright, it can still burn our trees. Remembering that the blessings of the waters that fall down from the sky, makes the ground grow trees. When your life feels like everything keeps on falling and the rain never stops, remember that out of every raindrop, something beautiful has been created and will be created again.


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