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Mena Katabo

Everybody struggles now and then, whether it's something big or small, we all have our own issues and hardships. However, these problems can be difficult to discuss with others. Having a mental illness, for example, is still a big taboo within different communities. For this reason I also started blogging about mental health: I wanted to show people that these imposed stigmas are largely not in line with reality. I write about my own mental health and the life lessons I have learned in recent years, as well as the knowledge I gained from my education. To be able to discuss this subject further, I am involved in various activities within the professional field.

Experience Expert

I believe in the power of experience. It can sometimes be difficult for a client to build a relationship of trust with his or her coach if the client does not feel understood. A bond with the client is very important to be able to achieve the set goals. This helps if you have similar characteristics. This can be, for example, ethnic background, but also personal experience with the request for help and goals set. That is why, in addition to my psychology background, I also use experiential expertise to be able to offer the right guidance. As a professional you not only need the skills and knowledge learned from the training to be able to help a client, but also experiential expertise. Knowledge of experience with the methods can be used to support clients in the recovery process. In addition, the experience expert with his own recovery process demonstrates the existence of the capacity to recover. Read my personal story here

Experience and education
Interview about the work I do


Because each person is unique, everyone benefits the most from customized help. Yet the uniqueness of the people is not always taken into account within the social services. Ofcourse it's not possible to offer customized services for so many people. But it is possible to look at a group of people with similar qualities such as culture and religion. As an experience expert, I have noticed that this still isn't the case. That is why I dedicate my time and expertise to people with a non-Western migration background and to organizations that work with this target group. Read my personal story here

Education | Qualifications

2017 - present day Experience Expert

Senior Coach Forensische zorg / GGZ / LVB




Advies en begeleiding bieden aan de coaches bij caseload. Begeleiding bieden bij complexe casussen. 

Behandelaar | Psycholoog Bsc

Saleem GGZ

2021 -  2022


Interculturele behandeling gericht op depressie, angststoornissen, persoonlijkheidsstoornissen, psychotische stoornissen en traumagerelateerde problematiek.


Stichting Vitalis

2021 - 2023


Als casemanager houdt je je bezig met het werven en begeleiding van vrijwilligers (maatjes), screenen van kwetsbare kinderen en het maken en begeleiden van mooie koppelingen tussen kind en vrijwilliger.

Culture Psychology

Bachelor of Science | In training

Clinical Psychology | Applied Psychology

Bachelor of Science  

My graduation research is a practical research for the JIJ Foundation. This concerns a quantitative study on help-seeking behavior with psychological complaints  of people with a non-western migration background.


Arabic Language & Culture


Arabic Language & Culture


Coach | Work experience internship | Municipality of Rotterdam


Information processing of people with autism


Provide safety to suicidal patients



Rode Kruis

2020 - 2021


Begeleiden, coachen en aansturen van vrijwilligers, meeluisteren tijdens gesprekken, coachen op gespreksvaardigheden & overige werkzaamheden


Diversion & MIND Young academy

2017 - 2019

Gastles geven over psychische gezondheid & andere maatschappelijke thema's op het voortgezet onderwijs en mbo.


Gemeente Rotterdam



Begeleiden van gezinnen en cliënten binnen verschillende leefgebieden





Begeleiden van jongeren in verschillende leefgebieden

Expertise gebied
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