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T oegepaste Psychology and Psychology 

  HBO applied psychology and university psychology


Applied psychology is a relatively new concept in education and the professional field in the Netherlands. The term 'Applied Psychology' has been in use abroad for much longer.

Applied psychology is the use of psychological methods and psychological science to solve practical problems in various fields. Examples of these areas are: health, organizations & working environments, education and  product development. Also, applied psychology is present in clinical psychology, work & organizational psychology, sports psychology, and so on.

When we talk about education and psychology, we are (until now) used to university-trained psychologists in the Netherlands. For several years there has been a  HBO variant of the psychology course, applied psychology. Applied Psychology students are more practically trained than university psychology students. In the applied psychology course, more attention is paid to skills that people need in practice, such as: advising , informing , training , coaching and  practice-oriented research . In this respect, a student of applied psychology differs from a student of university psychology (WO = scientifically educated), who is trained from a more theoretical framework with the aim, among other things, of  to conduct scientific research. is interesting  that many university-educated psychologists eventually practice applied psychology in the field. 

When we broaden the concept of 'applied psychology' beyond just the courses that are offered, and look more closely at the professional field, it becomes clear that in the professional field there is a great deal of applied psychology. When psychologists (HBO and WO) work in a work environment to solve practical problems with the help of psychological knowledge, this is called applied psychology. The distinction made at the level of education is therefore fading  to some extent in the field. Many university psychologists do not opt for a  career in conducting scientific research, but coming to work in positions with tasks that fall within the field of applied psychology. Employees with a bachelor's degree in applied psychology will embark on the same course.  


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