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Mena Katab



Everyone is an expert in being themselves. With the right coaching, you can learn how to reach your full potential.

To begin the journey of change, we must start by putting on the boots of self-awareness

Your life, your choices

Some people say change or bad things, suddenly happen to them. But I believe changes happen because of the awareness of our own choices. Or perhaps, the choices we didn't make. We make choices in everything we do. When you travel, you make choices to be as well prepared as possible. This also applies to changes in your life; You can see it as a journey to a new destination. If you truly wish to change something, you have to make the choice to begin the journey of change. Just like planning for a new trip, you sometimes don't know where to start. The coach helps you by guiding you in your new journey. But the first step to change should be your choice, and that is seeking help.


The coach as a travel guide

Your coach is just like a travel guide: guiding people in an unknown area. The steps we take during this journey do not have to be a big step , like opening the door to your destination. It can be a small step, like putting on your boots. So that you can walk out your own door to the road of change. The attitude you take with you on this journey, will not necessarily change your destination, but it will definitely effect the time you spend on this journey. So pack your bags and don't forget to take your positive attitude with you. This tool will help you walk through the bushes, rocks and other bumps on the road. Make the choice to be aware of your own roll in the situation you want to change, so that you can begin to put on your boots and travel to your destination.


Reach your full potential. You are an expert in being you without always being aware of it. Sometimes life overwhelms you and you feel lost. As a coach I can guide you to find your way back. 

Do you want to be able to offer adequate assistance that fits everyone? Is it difficult for your organization to reach clients with a non-western background? Then you might benefit from additional research and advice on this problem.


Do you want to offer your employees or volunteers further training or training in dealing with clients with a non-Western migrant background? Then further training about dealing with these clients might mean something to you.

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